+38 (096) 228-55-00


GPS координаты [49.416600, 27.531126]


On the first floor of a two-storey house a fireplace room with studio kitchen, a bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom with shower is located. On the first floor there are two bedrooms with two double beds and a bathroom, windows with views of the river.
House for 6 persons.

The price includes:
galka pngDaily accommodation in the house according to the rules of arrival and departure;
galka pngParking;
galka pngUsing of kids playground;
galka pngUsing of the arbor;
galka pngUsing of a barbecue;
galka pngUsing of a pot;
galka pngFirewood for barbecue;
galka pngFirewood for the fireplace (in winter);
galka pngFishing.

Rent: from 1600 UAH. per 1 day

Order:(096) 228-55-00