The house is designed according to the author's design of the owner of the house. This is the perfect home for a couple in love or a young family with a child.

The house has a kitchen with everything you need - a gas stove, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a set of dishes, chopping boards, knives, salt, sugar, spices. For our guests there is herbal tea in the houses in an ecologically clean area. The house also has a lounge area with a sofa, a dining table and a TV, and restroom, shower. Under the roof of the house there is a cozy sleeping area. In the house there is a scent of magic in the air.


Included in the price:
galka pngDaily accommodation according to the rules of arrival and departure;
galka pngParking;
galka pngAromatic herbal tea in the kitchen;
galka pngFishing;
galka pngUse of barbecue;
galka pngFirewood for barbecue;
galka pngFree Wi-Fi;


House: from 1300 UAH. 1 day

Order a house (096) 228-55-00